Masterclass & Tour

In order to share the international experience they have gained over the years, Arzu and Gamze Kırtıl plan, once again, to tour the area from the Black Sea across to the eastern part of Turkey to teach and give concerts. This will be the second leg of their Masterclass & Concert Tour project, bringing excitement to new audiences and transforming the knowledge of young students across Turkey.

The Duo hope to inspire many more young Fine Arts High School students in 2013. They plan to reproduce and broaden the extent of their first project (in October 2011) which covered the area from Kastamonu and Samsun to Trabzon in the Black Sea Region of Turkey.

So far in the project there have been fifteen workshops and a broad participation by the students and teachers of Music Departments of the 3 Fine Arts High Schools visited to date. With a 90-minute concert program, the project also reached a wider audience; in fact they were the first duo ever to perform Felix Mendelssohn's four-hand version of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" in Turkey.

For the 2011 tour, a work for four-hands was commissioned from British composer Maria Lord and was premiered in Turkey. Ensuring the publication of this work would be very worthwhile for the four hands canon.

The 2013 tour will expand the scope by adding the cities Erzurum and Kars to the three previously visited.


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